High-quality reusable diapers

  • Baby Friendly – No chemicals. Gentle on the skin, highly absorbent, with no rashes and discomfort.
  • Pocket Friendly – Much cheaper than buying disposables in the long-term.
  • Planet Friendly – Reusable and eco-friendly, reducing major sources of land and marine pollution.
  • Community Friendly – 100% made in Rwanda with love.
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    What Mothers are Saying

    “With Toto Safi’s diaper; I mostly liked that it is a reusable item; thus, I can have one and use it as many times as possible. I testify that it is a good quality diaper even after several uses. I cannot wait to tell other mothers about Toto Safi!” – Mama Shaka

    “When I bought them, they saved me a lot of money that I usually spend on single-use diapers. My child is always at ease when wearing the Toto Safi diapers.” – Pascaline, Jordan’s mom

    “Toto Safi created high-quality reusable diapers. When my child soils the diaper, I clean it, dry it, and reuse it on her. I can confidently say that the diaper is without flaws” – Valentine, Naomie’s mom

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