The Problem

The average baby uses about 7,000 disposable diapers ( about 1 tonne of plastic waste) before they are potty trained.

There are two major problems with this situation. First, this is money that many mothers don’t have and are therefore forced to cut back on basic essentials to afford disposable diapers.Secondly, many African countries, lack capacity for the disposal of single-use diapers resulting in devastating health and environmental consequences.

Kind for your baby and the planet.

Founded in February 2022, Toto Safi is a reusable diapering-as-a-service so that parents do not have to choose between convenience and pollution. We aim to leverage technology to support the production and adoption of locally-made reusable diapers and diapering services.

We are rethinking how sustainable mother and baby care products and services can be created in an inclusive way that has a positive impact on people and the planet.

We are dedicated to building a community and movement of caregivers, especially mothers, that will make reusable diapering mainstream across Africa.