Toto Safi Reusable Diaper

Ksh. 1,100

Introducing Toto Safi Regular Diaper! 🌟

👶 Keep your baby comfortable and dry with our innovative two-part diaper. It consists of a breathable waterproof outer cover and a 100% cotton detachable absorber. Perfect for babies weighing 5 to 18 kgs!

💧 Need extra absorbency? Our diapers also come with an additional highly absorbent absorber that can be used with both plain and printed covers.

✨ Key Features:
🌈 Two layers of PUL outer cover for long-lasting durability.
♻️ Reusable outer cover saves you time and money on washing.
🩲 Elastic legs and waist for a secure fit, preventing leaks and messes.
🌬️ 100% breathable design keeps your baby cool and comfortable.
👦👧 Unisex design available in a variety of vibrant colors.
🌿 Includes a 100% cotton absorber for maximum absorbency.

Get the best for your little one with Toto Safi Regular Diaper!